Basement bar Ideas: First Step for a Cooler House

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Basement bar Ideas: First Step for a Cooler House

Just like the living room, home bars have become one of the important components of American families. Over the past decades, with the advent of developments in the household designs, several changes in home designs also have changes in the course of these developments. Thus, basement bar ideas have become an important information for those families who are planning to have their own bar in their house.

One important thing to consider is that you don’t need to be that rich to have your own bar built in your house. If you have an unused basement, this is a good place to build your home bar and maximize that unused space for several years already. You don’t need to spend that much with this project, you can start asking assistance from a friend who have built a bar in their house for some insights and ideas on what to do.

Cool ideas for basements

If you’re planning to build a bar in your house with a distinctive design where one can hang-out, party with all your friends or perhaps watch games you must have a list the ideal basement bar ideas. There are several reasons why an individual wants to own bar in their basement, and one of which is the convenience it gives to beer enthusiasts who wanted to enjoy their most favorite drinks in the comfort of their own house. It’s a place just inside your house where you can call it yourself when you are staying at your home. Cost of the entire project could be the second major reason why people wish to have their own bar in their home.

For after all, you will see that you have saved a lot in having your very own bar in your own home, it’s because you won’t have to go out in bars downtown, you can enjoy your favorite drinks by staying in your home and have fun in your own bar. Having your favorite cocktail or beer in your house bar is far safer than staying out in local bars since after drinking, you still have to drive your way home.

Think before buying any supply

Before purchasing the needed materials in your bar, you have to think what type of bar design you have in mind. By knowing the design you want to do, you will have an idea on what are the expected material you will be needing and have an idea on the estimated cost of the project. If you are planning to make it in contemporary design, traditional or mixed of the two, knowing the design and your personal preference will really matter after all. You may also add some accessories so your home bar will be different and unique from the other home bars that you have been to before.

Try in personalizing the style of your bar based on the space that’s available in your house especially in your basement. Keep your design in mind because there are several alternatives you can look at in arranging deciding on unique plans. The entire bar ideas available in different sources can be very helpful in almost all situations.

Designing your house bar is really a personal and enjoyable experience for sure. But, you need to begin somewhere. If you have built your own bar or are only starting out, there are several great ideas that you can surely use to help you start this experience as a beer enthusiast.

Don’t forget to include specific portion of the house

When it comes to specific parts of a bar, beer mirrors are among the staple parts of a home bar. They display wide variety of designs and show your knowledge in worldly flavors. It is a great deal when you can find a mirror that shows a beer that no one you are aware of has ever in their whole life have drank or perhaps heard of.

Beer sign is another one of the major components of a home bar. But, they’re not the same as beer mirrors because beer signs have funny phrases or old and humorous slogans. Some are made from tin while some are made from wood. There are several very vintage sign that you can add that will surely add accent to your bar. It is a fun and good collection to have.

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Basement Bar Ideas – Themes Themes Themes

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As they say, the key for a successful business is Location, Location, Location. For coming up with the best basement bars, the key is Themes, Themes, Themes. As you start to plan your ideas for a basement bar, you first need to choose a theme. Deciding on a specific theme is an important aspect for your basement bar designs as it will bring unity to your furnitures, lighthing fixtures, accessories and its overall surrounding decors.

Here are some basement bar theme ideas:

Modern or Contemporary theme:

modernbarthemeModern or Contemporary theme can be describe as Avant-garde, Deconstructivism, Space-age theme. Materials usually associated in modern or contemporary themes are steel and stone. Although a mix of wood accents is accepted. This theme can easily be visualized with a lot of curves, twists, and asymmetrical layouts and proportions. Colors involved are that of black and gray tone to represent the steel color. While walls are usually of light color such as white to represent futuristic approach. While a splash of shocking bright red or bright orange are made to bring out it’s unique modern concept. Modern or Contemporary theme also have this minimalist aspect where clutter are not so evident in it’s material textures.  So straight, seamless and homogenous materials are preferred.

Zen Theme:

zenbarthemeZen theme is also known as a Japanese inspired theme. It is sometimes confused with modern or contemporary theme as they share a common trait which is it’s minimalist approach. One major consideration for a Zen theme would be that all design of bar counters or bar cabinets are in straight lines. Curves are not common but can be used as accents such as in lighting fixtures or wall decors. Zen theme also uses limited colors of nature. It usually is within the tones and shades of brown (to represent earth). Walls may be flesh or cream in color while accents such as wood materials maybe be in wengue (dark brown) to mahogany brown colors. A splash of the color green (which represents leaves or grass) can be incorporated as accents.

Classical or Ornate theme:

traditionalbarClassical theme is inspired by the romans and greek architecture. They are ornate in nature with carvings and volutes which are prominent in it’s textures. Classical themes can also be considered of those 1930’s bar which essentially uses dark color wood and dark ceramics. Low lighthing and chandelier type of lighthing fixtures are prominent in this theme. More so crown mouldings of ceilings can easily be incorporated to the room or area of design.

countrybarthemeCountryside theme:

A Countryside theme is derived from Country homes. It uses a lot of wood and color scheme is usually that of a country house. Colors are usually derived from the oak wood, bleach cherry wood colors. This can also be more highlighted by the use of wooden furnitures and wooden accents on the wall to bring about the same feel of a log cabin. This theme is borrowing from Colonial and Victorian styles.


Which Theme to Choose?

modernstoolsWhen you choose a theme, you can put the following aspects into your consideration. You can match the existing theme of your house. Although the area is in the basement and having it as an entirely different, isolated area of the house, it would still be best if it was in unity with the entire house theme. Secondly, you can also consider the availability of furniture’s, lighting fixtures, wall accents and accessories for decoration. It would be quite off if you have a chandelier for your lighting fixtures and you have a modern ergonomic and colorful bar stools. You can choose a mix of both themes as long as they share a common trait. An example for that is a Modern Countryside theme. This simply means a lot of wood will be used for the bar but it will be integrated with steel accents for either in counter top or drawer and cabinet handles. Lastly, when you choose a theme, stick with it. This will help you gather an initial vision of what your basement bar will look like and you will definitely know what type of accessories and decors to look for. Don’t mistake the theme as the overall basement concept. A good example below is if you choose a Modern or Classical theme for your basement bar design with having it as a sports bar concept. So if you plan to have a sports bar, you can add some pool tables to your basement bar. Now you will know which one to get depending on the theme you choose. See the two pool tables below:


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Bar Cabinets – Concepts and Ideas for your Bar at Home

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Your bar at home can’t be complete without a bar cabinet. It is important for storage and even decorating purposes. Through proper selection, you can come up with a cabinet that will provide ease and easy access to your bar essentials such as glasses, drinks and other items. The choice of cabinet that you make will have an effect on the overall look and feel of your bar. Different kinds of bar cabinets have their own advantages and you have to select one while keeping that fact in mind. For instance, you can select one based on the functionality that you’re after. If the cabinet is too high, what can you use it for? Otherwise, if it’s too low, will it be also ideal for you to be able to easily mix drinks? Hence, set the right type of mood in your home bar by also selecting the right bar cabinet.

While there are tons of bar cabinets available in the market, you can also opt to do it your way by designing your own bar cabinet. That is, if you have the skills necessary for you to be able to have on built. In selecting a bar cabinet design, you need to deliberate and consider several factors about the functions that it is going to serve. Since a bar involves a lot of storage, you must consider about the different items and appliances that will be a part of your bar. For example, for glassware and bottles, are you going to have them displayed on a shelf or stored in a drawer or cabinet? And how about for refrigerating your drinks, will your design provide enough space for this part of the bar? How about other items such as bottle openers, corkscrews, pitchers, and measuring spoons? Remember to reserve a space such as a cabinet for such items. Having the basic or essential items needed for your bar is important to avoid hassles later on once a gathering takes place.

You don’t necessarily need to be too traditional when coming up with a cabinet design for your bar. You can select modern designs that are both novel and interesting. You’ll be amazed at the different bar cabinet concepts readily available out there. You can check this article from Elle Decor for you to have some bar cabinet inspirations that will certainly motivate you with their distinctiveness and functionality. Of course, you are not limited to these ideas. Why not add a personal touch and think of your own bar cabinet concept? It is a great way of sharing your creativity to your friends and family while also adding your flair for your own home.

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Outdoor Bar – Setting up a Bar on Your Yard

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Having a bar at your own home sure is a great idea. With a bar, you’ll have that special area in your home for fun and entertainment – an ideal spot for having a great time with friends and family while having a drink or two. Maybe also while nibbling some delicacies or having chit chats about random topics to pass the time. However you may look at it, nothing changes the fact that the idea of having a wet bar is something that incites delight. Usually, we find wet bars to be located indoors – in the kitchen, basement, living room or dining area perhaps. However, have you ever thought of having an outdoor bar? What better way of spending some fun and chill time while also enjoying the lightness that an open space area can bring. More than that, you also get to be more exposed to nature and there’s that sense of having more air to breathe. Thus, the mood even gets more relaxing and you get drawn to good vibes. It certainly is such an ideal scenario for clearing your mind from stress or for just having a good time.

Having a bar would definitely make a great addition to that patio or little kiosk you have on your yard. And if you have a swimming pool, why not set-up a little patio right beside it? You can make that pool party extra fun through an outdoor bar where drinks are readily available. It equates to easy access to fun within an already-fun occasion – now doesn’t that sound like loads of extra fun? Surely, a bar found on your yard will make anyone look forward to the next outdoor party that you are going to be hosting. Make that gathering an unforgettable one by considering the bar ideas that we’re sharing in this article.

Add a counter top where you can place various items such as food and glasses. Passing the time by the bar would also be made easier if there’s a platform for you to rest your arms on. Choose chairs or stools that will go along well with the entire patio. Having a grill is also a great addition to your bar. Aside from being just a bar, it can also serve as a barbecue station. Adding a water facility is also suggested so that it will be easier for you to clean up items and serve drinks since water is also needed to mix them. Don’t forget the basic elements that a wet bar has to make sure that you won’t miss out on anything. You can go for a simple design with the basics or choose to have a decorated bar with some few extras in it.

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Wet Bar Ideas – Some Tips for Your Home Bar

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Being at home is one of the most comforting feelings ever. You feel secured and at ease being able to spend some worthwhile time at your humble abode. There’s no place like home, as they say. Given that, why not add something more exciting to your home? For sure, you’ll look forward to going home every day if there’s that extra element of excitement to stimulate you. How then should you work on that, you might ask? Surely, there are a lot of ways and one of which is the fact that you cans set-up your very own wet bar at home. Most likely you have heard of how these wet bars are a great source of fun and entertainment for every home and the prospect of having your own bar at home certainly is a great idea. Choose that ideal spot at your home where you can imagine yourself having an awesome time with your friends and family. You can also spend some alone time and have your mind relaxed from the stress you get from everyday life. So, what are some wet bar ideas to help you get started? Just read on for you to be enlightened.

When you are thinking of setting up a wet bar at your home, one of the first things to consider is in which spot or location in your home should you be putting it in. Most of the time, wet bars are found in the area near the kitchen. This could be due to the fact that being close to the kitchen would mean that you’ll have better access to food items. However, you aren’t limited to having it on the kitchen. Having a wet bar on your basement would allow you to have a cozy place to relax in. When setting up a basement bar, there are a number of factors that you must consider. Check our basement bar article for you to learn more about having a wet bar on this part of your home. Moreover, near the living room is also another area in your home for a wet bar. Considering how the living room is a sort of receiving area for guests, it will be easier for your visitors to spot your wet bar and have a drink or two.

There are truly a lot of wet bar ideas to think of. Your creativity matters in the process. There is no one standard on how you should design your wet bar. Think of a concept that will blend well with the rest of your home. Just don’t forget the basic elements that should be found in a wet bar so that you won’t miss out on anything important that should be on a wet bar. For picture of wet bar inspirations, check out this gallery from HGTV Remodels.

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DIY Bar – How to Make your Own Bar at Home

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Having a bar at home appears to be a choice to many people. For those are fond of entertainment while enjoying a drink or two with friends and families, the presence of a bar in the comfort of your own is certainly a great idea. You wouldn’t have to go out and spend more to get the same kind of entertainment that your wet bar at home has to offer. You can invite your friends over for you to have a good time while having a few drinks. While there are people who are willing to let out some extra cash to hire a professional to help them build a bar, there are others who prefer to use their own skills and create a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Bar. Building a DIY bar can be quite a challenging task especially to people who have minimal knowledge in basic carpentry. And there are actually quite a number of things to consider when thinking of building your own bar. For instance, you should know the materials that are going to be used in the process. Also, you should be aware of the essentials and elements that can usually be found in a bar. So, how do you get started? Read on for you to find out.

Before you proceed with building anything, you should first imagine how you want your bar to look like. For instance, coming up with a drawing will be helpful for you to be in track of your progress. It is also important for you to take note of the things that will come with your bar – what will one normally see in a bar? The basics of a bar will include the following:

  • A sink with running water

Water is important for a bar. You’re going to need it in mixing drinks and for cleaning items like glasses.

  • Countertops

Without a doubt, countertops must be an essential part of your bar’s design. It is where you’ll be placing your food and drinking items. It is also important for mixing drinks.

  • Cabinets, Shelves and Drawers

You should have a storage area for your glasses, drinks and other items. It will be a good idea to keep your cabinets, shelves and drawers in an accessible part of the bar so that you won’t be having a hard time reaching for items.

  • Refrigerator

Refrigeration, of course, is another important element of the entire bar. You can have refrigerated drawers just right beneath the counter top. You can also install a small refrigerator in that same portion of the bar.

Now that you have the basics, you can start planning a good model for your DIY bar. Adding some more extra somethings which will make the bar a much more appealing place will entirely depend on you. Moreover, coming up with a good design with the above-mentioned elements to come up with a comfortable bar will certainly make your home a regular spot for you to spend a great time with your friends and family.

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Best Flooring for Basement – Some Tips and Options

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Creating a plan for your basement can be quite a challenging task. The project involves a lot of aspects and you also need to have some background in areas such as construction and interior design. While seeking professional can make everything a lot easier, doing it yourself is the more practical choice. Also, it can be a fulfilling experience that can also earn you some bragging rights. However, what if your knowledge about the craft is minimal? How are you going to start out with your plan? Well, as long as you have a vision and some degree of dedication, carrying out your basement project won’t be much of a problem. Moreover, when it comes to basement planning, especially for those who intend to do the project by themselves, doing research is going to be helpful for the project to be a success. For this article, we are going to focus on some best flooring for basement ideas. Learning about the type of material and design to be used for your basement will definitely make up an important part of your basement planning project.

The basement is a lot different from the other parts of the house since it is found underground. Given that, it is apparent how there are extra things to consider when planning a basement project. For instance, there will be more moisture and lower temperature levels in a basement. Hence, choosing the right materials for the flooring will greatly affect how your basement will turn out to be. Here are some of the materials which you can use for your basement’s flooring:

  • Laminate Flooring

Ideal for the basement, laminate flooring is essentially consisted of layers of materials such as sawdust and glue that have been fused to one another. They will look beautiful in the basement and the fact that they are sturdy makes it a good basement flooring choice. There are available laminate floorings which are specifically made to resist moisture and mold.

  • Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are durable and resistant to mold and moisture, making them another good choice of material for your basement flooring. Since they come in tiles, you can easily come up with a design that you want for the flooring. In addition, you can also easily do a replacement if ever there is a damaged tile. However, the floor’s uneven base can cause a challenge if you plan to use vinyl tiles. Also, due to the composition of vinyl, the tile is expected to cause colder temperatures. Hence, it is recommended that you use a reliable heating system when installing vinyl tiles.

  • Carpet

Since the basement is known as an area with colder temperatures, using a carpet can help in adding more warmth to the place. It will serve as an insulator for the subfloor’s concrete. When using a carpet, selecting one with darker colors would make a better choice. For instance, stains won’t be too obvious and darker colors are better absorbers of heat. In choosing a carpet, it is best to select one that is made of water resistant material.

Now, it is up to you to select the one out of the best flooring for basement ideas stated above. Aside from selecting the right material, consider the aesthetic aspect will also contribute to how your basement will turn out to be.

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Basement Flooring Ideas – Make your Basement Bar More Appealing

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Wouldn’t it be great to have that one place in your home that will serve as a lovely spot for spending some leisurely time with friends and loved ones? It’s a location within your home where you can simply be chill and have your mind cleared of unnerving distractions. Constructing a bar in your basement can be quite a challenge especially if you consider yourself to not have much of a talent when it comes to designing. There are a lot of things to consider so that you can come up with an ideal basement bar which would help you feel relaxed and stress-free. From the color of the walls, lighting and other aspects of the area; you should do some careful planning to achieve a basement bar that will have a pleasing ambiance. In this article, we will be discussing basement flooring ideas which will greatly help you in deciding how your basement bar should look like.

So, how should you design your basement bar? Well, since you are the owner of the place, the final design will most certainly need your approval. During planning, you can have a mental picture of how you would want your bar to look like. Going around your basement area would help greatly through your planning. Since there is no definite look or standard on how a basement bar should look like, you should consider the look and size of your basement. If you are running out of ideas on how to start with basement bar ideas, you can check this article from which presents a roll of basement bar images. Just click this link.

As can be seen on the article from, there are tons of ways to design your basement. Your creativity also matters if you want to come up with an awesome basement bar where you can imagine you and your friends having a great time in. In terms of basement flooring ideas, observe how the colors blend in well together with rest of the surroundings, thus it creates an attractive overall look. For instance, if you are planning to use bricks or stones for the wall design, a wooden or stone design for the flooring would make be a good complement to the said wall design. You can use stone or wooden tiles, carpets and mats when designing the floor for your basement bar. Consulting your design ideas to a professional would also help you with your planning. Just keep in mind that for you to achieve that great bar basement, use your creativity and look for inspiration so that the outcome will be great.

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