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As they say, the key for a successful business is Location, Location, Location. For coming up with the best basement bars, the key is Themes, Themes, Themes. As you start to plan your ideas for a basement bar, you first need to choose a theme. Deciding on a specific theme is an important aspect for your basement bar designs as it will bring unity to your furnitures, lighthing fixtures, accessories and its overall surrounding decors.

Here are some basement bar theme ideas:

Modern or Contemporary theme:

modernbarthemeModern or Contemporary theme can be describe as Avant-garde, Deconstructivism, Space-age theme. Materials usually associated in modern or contemporary themes are steel and stone. Although a mix of wood accents is accepted. This theme can easily be visualized with a lot of curves, twists, and asymmetrical layouts and proportions. Colors involved are that of black and gray tone to represent the steel color. While walls are usually of light color such as white to represent futuristic approach. While a splash of shocking bright red or bright orange are made to bring out it’s unique modern concept. Modern or Contemporary theme also have this minimalist aspect where clutter are not so evident in it’s material textures.  So straight, seamless and homogenous materials are preferred.

Zen Theme:

zenbarthemeZen theme is also known as a Japanese inspired theme. It is sometimes confused with modern or contemporary theme as they share a common trait which is it’s minimalist approach. One major consideration for a Zen theme would be that all design of bar counters or bar cabinets are in straight lines. Curves are not common but can be used as accents such as in lighting fixtures or wall decors. Zen theme also uses limited colors of nature. It usually is within the tones and shades of brown (to represent earth). Walls may be flesh or cream in color while accents such as wood materials maybe be in wengue (dark brown) to mahogany brown colors. A splash of the color green (which represents leaves or grass) can be incorporated as accents.

Classical or Ornate theme:

traditionalbarClassical theme is inspired by the romans and greek architecture. They are ornate in nature with carvings and volutes which are prominent in it’s textures. Classical themes can also be considered of those 1930’s bar which essentially uses dark color wood and dark ceramics. Low lighthing and chandelier type of lighthing fixtures are prominent in this theme. More so crown mouldings of ceilings can easily be incorporated to the room or area of design.

countrybarthemeCountryside theme:

A Countryside theme is derived from Country homes. It uses a lot of wood and color scheme is usually that of a country house. Colors are usually derived from the oak wood, bleach cherry wood colors. This can also be more highlighted by the use of wooden furnitures and wooden accents on the wall to bring about the same feel of a log cabin. This theme is borrowing from Colonial and Victorian styles.


Which Theme to Choose?

modernstoolsWhen you choose a theme, you can put the following aspects into your consideration. You can match the existing theme of your house. Although the area is in the basement and having it as an entirely different, isolated area of the house, it would still be best if it was in unity with the entire house theme. Secondly, you can also consider the availability of furniture’s, lighting fixtures, wall accents and accessories for decoration. It would be quite off if you have a chandelier for your lighting fixtures and you have a modern ergonomic and colorful bar stools. You can choose a mix of both themes as long as they share a common trait. An example for that is a Modern Countryside theme. This simply means a lot of wood will be used for the bar but it will be integrated with steel accents for either in counter top or drawer and cabinet handles. Lastly, when you choose a theme, stick with it. This will help you gather an initial vision of what your basement bar will look like and you will definitely know what type of accessories and decors to look for. Don’t mistake the theme as the overall basement concept. A good example below is if you choose a Modern or Classical theme for your basement bar design with having it as a sports bar concept. So if you plan to have a sports bar, you can add some pool tables to your basement bar. Now you will know which one to get depending on the theme you choose. See the two pool tables below: