How Basement Bars have Changed

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Man caves have brought new meaning to basement bars designs. Being surrounded with favorite outdoor colors and trophies of good times past, can turn a basement into a grownup playground. Here are some ideas for updated watering holes, using the most fascinating materials and designs.




A Rustic Pub

A Rustic Pub










Wooden ceiling beams, walls draped in veneer stack stone, and bar stools of rustic wood, can be a treat for a bunch of tired farmers or construction workers. A long walnut or maple bar, varnished with several coats of high gloss finish, will bring in a special feeling of an old-fashioned pub.


The Sports Arena










Who can sit still during the playoffs when they are larger than life on a wall-length screen? Place a couple of recliners up close for seeing every play and position a 6-foot bar behind. Use a Formica top so scratches will not occur and use a base of dark wood. Add strips of the same matching wood color along the walls and plenty of recessed lighting for different types of movie entertainment.

Blues and Grays

Blues and Grays bar








It is no secret that blue is a favorite color that is relaxing and uplifting at the same time. When blue hues are mixed with grays and chrome fixtures, a touch of elegance is born. Use white pine for floors, small scattered bars and maybe, a pool table, to create a splendid open feeling. A chrome fireplace with a gray background, will set a friendly mood. Use lots of hanging chrome lights and keep the walls open and bright.

The Club

rich club-like atmosphere








Perhaps a rich club-like atmosphere, where cigars and scotch flow freely, is to the taste of hard-working executives. Create an intimate cove with rounded walls and a drop ceiling with recessed lighting. Use cherry veneer around a curved bar, topped with thick, 2-tier glass. Paint the walls a light gold and add wainscoting for trim. Allow the problems of the day to fade and turn into memories with some soft music.


Basement bars designs have evolved into all types of ways to offer new and exciting entertainment. Whether a man cave with favorite items, a movie theater for friends and family, or an intimate place for relaxation, fresh new ways for creating and using bars has expanded in the last 10 years. As they say, the sky is the limit with new aesthetic basement areas with spectacular bars and matching chairs.