Best Flooring for Basement – Some Tips and Options

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Creating a plan for your basement can be quite a challenging task. The project involves a lot of aspects and you also need to have some background in areas such as construction and interior design. While seeking professional can make everything a lot easier, doing it yourself is the more practical choice. Also, it can be a fulfilling experience that can also earn you some bragging rights. However, what if your knowledge about the craft is minimal? How are you going to start out with your plan? Well, as long as you have a vision and some degree of dedication, carrying out your basement project won’t be much of a problem. Moreover, when it comes to basement planning, especially for those who intend to do the project by themselves, doing research is going to be helpful for the project to be a success. For this article, we are going to focus on some best flooring for basement ideas. Learning about the type of material and design to be used for your basement will definitely make up an important part of your basement planning project.

The basement is a lot different from the other parts of the house since it is found underground. Given that, it is apparent how there are extra things to consider when planning a basement project. For instance, there will be more moisture and lower temperature levels in a basement. Hence, choosing the right materials for the flooring will greatly affect how your basement will turn out to be. Here are some of the materials which you can use for your basement’s flooring:

  • Laminate Flooring

Ideal for the basement, laminate flooring is essentially consisted of layers of materials such as sawdust and glue that have been fused to one another. They will look beautiful in the basement and the fact that they are sturdy makes it a good basement flooring choice. There are available laminate floorings which are specifically made to resist moisture and mold.

  • Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are durable and resistant to mold and moisture, making them another good choice of material for your basement flooring. Since they come in tiles, you can easily come up with a design that you want for the flooring. In addition, you can also easily do a replacement if ever there is a damaged tile. However, the floor’s uneven base can cause a challenge if you plan to use vinyl tiles. Also, due to the composition of vinyl, the tile is expected to cause colder temperatures. Hence, it is recommended that you use a reliable heating system when installing vinyl tiles.

  • Carpet

Since the basement is known as an area with colder temperatures, using a carpet can help in adding more warmth to the place. It will serve as an insulator for the subfloor’s concrete. When using a carpet, selecting one with darker colors would make a better choice. For instance, stains won’t be too obvious and darker colors are better absorbers of heat. In choosing a carpet, it is best to select one that is made of water resistant material.

Now, it is up to you to select the one out of the best flooring for basement ideas stated above. Aside from selecting the right material, consider the aesthetic aspect will also contribute to how your basement will turn out to be.